Sliding Shower Screens

Adlei sliding shower Screens,

Certain bathroom designs come with certain limitations. Whether you are restricted by a vanity on one side and a toilet on the other. Or a tiny ensuite with no room for a swinging door. It can be frustrating to be forced into the chunky older style fully framed screens. There hasn’t been alternative until now.

Fear unnecessary framework no longer. Sliding shower screens are both innovative and luxurious. Providing the option for an upper-market screen to fit in tiny spaces. With powerful support and elegant designs. These new sliding screens are a must have for any new bathroom owner to indulge with.

Exceptional Value

Indulge your imagination and create an absolute premium bathroom design at a surprisingly affordable price.

Effective Space Utilisation

The Series 7500™ Frameless Slider design facilitates the installation of a full size shower enclosure even when bathroom space is at a premium. So proximity of vanities, toilets and baths restricting access to the shower enclosure is no longer an issue.

Design Flexibility

Series 7500™ Frameless Slider designed for installation into a variety of bathroom configurations. Ask our sales team for advice on a design to suit your requirements.


Component and design features combine to provide convenience and colour co-ordination.
• Door Stop
• Water Seal
• Frameless Corner Entry D Handle
• Anti-bacterial clear (i.e. frost) and colour
matched glazing vinyl